What We Do

Making the most of your investment in K2

Purchasing K2

Thinking of investing in K2?

We can help you decide if K2 is the right solution for you.

What you get from us

Free Presales: We are happy to meet with you to discuss what K2 can do for you and help you decide. We are also happy to build a demo for you to prove the technology and demonstrate it to your stakeholders.

Access: If you have any questions about the product, you will have access to an experienced presales team who can work with your architects.

K2 Welcome Pack

Congratulations - you've inested in the best BPM platform you can get. Our K2 welcome pack can help you get started in the right way

What you get from us

Installing K2: We can help you plan your infrastructure, get K2 installed and do a full installation verification. This includes full documentation for your reference.

Best Practices: We can train you and your team up on the best way to use K2, including printed copies of our documented best practices.

Pre-Packaged Solutions: We have a full suite of applications ready to deploy to your environment. They have been tested extensively and have been built with customisation in mind - all you need to do is tweak them to suit your needs. We have workflow-enabled forms for leave requests, expense claims, travel requests and more.

K2 Training

Ready to skill up your team?

We can help you get up and running with minimum effort.

What you get

Standard K2 Training: We can set you up with K2's training programme which covers the whole product suite (K2 blackpearl and K2 SmartForms) over four days.

Customised Training: Sometimes you need to take a deep dive into a specific area and high level training just isn't enough. Contact us with your requirements and we will put together a training programme specific to your needs, covering not just the 'how to' but also the best way to do it so that you start on the right foot.

K2 Consulting

Let us partner with you, we can help your team build great business applications.

What you get

Valued Partnership: You have a great team. So do we. As a valued partner we would bring a wealth of K2 experience to your team so that together we can build forms and workflows that help you get the most value from your investment in K2.

Complete Applications: You may want us to build your applications for you. We will work with your stakeholders to gather the requirements for your application and deliver it for you at a known cost and time frame.

Uptime Support

Our dedicated team can keep your servers and applications running seamlessly for you.

What you get from us

Server Uptime: We can maintain your servers, apply security patches, keep K2 up to date and manage all the K2 patching for you.

Application Support: Do you have K2 applications running that are critical to your business? Need to make sure they keep running seamlessly? Our team can support you with quick response times so that application outages don't get in the way of your business.